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18 10 2008

 “My blog will be a little different to the deluge of fitness based blogs which seem to be 99% advertising and 1% content…you’ll find (Brinkzone) full of science based information rather than generic information you can find elsewhere”

Brinkzone Blog is a mix of well researched information and honest to goodness truth.

Brinkzone Blog is a mix of well researched information and honest to goodness truth.

Dubbed the No. 1 Science Based Health & Fitness Blog, I stumbled upon Will Brink’s site a few months ago doing a search for the best ab workouts for those who hate doing it.  I browsed around his two sites: & and felt that his information was straight forward, no beating around the bush talk.  With articles like “The Terrible Triad:  Why Your Workouts Suck“,  “Do Vegetarians Disgust You?” and “Exotic Cars Increase Testorone Levels” there’s a mix of well researched information,  feature writers and honest to goodness truth.  And the odd time, some great sarcastic humour (for those who know he’s even being sarcastic!!) 

My only wish is that in the future, he would include female feature writers and perspective.  His straight forward talk is what some of us need as much as it may have an “ouch!!” rating of 10/10.   His one blog on Women and Weight Training:  Debunking the Myths caught my eye because I have plenty of family and friends who refuse to lift weights on the sheer fear of bulking up. 
Myth 1: Strength training causes women to become larger and heavier.
Myth 2: Women should use different training methods than men.
Myth 3: Women should avoid high-intensity or high-load training.
C’mon females, we know all this right?  Right?  We don’t have as much testosterone as males do so some of us already know we can work out heavy and not bulk up, but, like one blog reader stated “people like to stay within specific, gender-identity comfort zones”.  When will we ever change ladies?  Subscribe to the Brinkzone blog.  Not only do you get weekly updates in your e-mail on what’s new, if you sign up now, you’ll receive 3 free e-books including one on developing the perfect abs. 

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