MAGAZINE: Sept/Oct Issue of Muscle and Fitness Hers

13 10 2008

I am a big fan of fitness magazines.  I like to subscribe, buy them, keep them and read them over and over for motivation.  A staple in my collection are issues of Muscle and Fitness Hers.  It’s focused on fitness and health and the women that grace the pages of the magazine are in beautiful shape — not too skinny like fashion magazines and not too muscular to turn you off.  They are toned, feminine and sexy.  One Ohio reader raved, “Thanks for using models who epitomize the beauty of a naturally toned and muscular body.”

Aimed at “women who want more out of fitness“, the common theme is that you CAN fit fitness into your lifestyle and you SHOULD.  There’s no excuse they don’t provide solutions for.  The layout is great with a balance of pictures, content, graphics and advertisements.  The information is varied, interesting, helpful and clear.   And instructions are easy to follow, straight forward and motivating enough for me to want to try recommendations at my next meal and workout.


muscle & fitness HERS cover

muscle & fitness HERS cover


  • Bored with your cardio routine?  Check out p. 50 for steps on how to run with true purpose
  • Do you really kill it at the gym?  Test your strength and endurance against the workouts on p. 72
  • Keep working at it but you just can’t lose any weight?  Be sure to review the 5 possible medical reasons why this may be on p. 84
  • Think that white meat is better than dark?  So did I until I read p. 70
  • The magazine is available in at major chain stores and retails in Canada for $6.99.  If you pick up the Sep/Oct issue, there’s a savings voucher.  Get 6 issues for $14.97.

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