MAGAZINE: Nov/Dec 2008 Fitness

23 10 2008

I bought the November/December 2008 issue of Fitness today  🙂  This is a monthly magazine aimed at women in their 20s and 30s who are interested in fitness and living a healthy life.  Focused on publishing timely, well-written non-fiction articles, I love buying this magazine sporadically and mainly for doses of writing inspiration.  Being so entrenched in fitness, health, and well-being, what is common sense for one person can be completely foreign to somebody else.  There is such a wide spread range of health literacy it’s almost fascinating ( you can be sure I’ll be writing on this topic).

So when I pick up magazines like Fitness, I get a feel for what issues, concerns and events the average woman my age are thinking about and participating in.  It’s dubbed “reading with intention”. Writers influence one another and this capacity to nourish and be nourished by other writers is truly the great gift of the reader’s writing life.  And with Fitness Magazine, I feel confident that I can find many interesting articles to read and just as many article ideas to query on…


Fitness Magazine Nov/Dec 2008 Cover

Fitness Magazine Nov/Dec 2008 Cover

Topics I am interested in writing about right now include:

  • Sleep disorders (Why Can’t I Sleep?). I’ll be checking out the feature on “The New Way to Never Feel Tired” on p. 80
  • Energize & motivate me.  I’m hoping that the stress free 20 minute meals on p. 89 will give me the kick in the ass I need to go to the gym
  • Balancing a Busy Life (How to Juggle Different Hats). I’m looking forward to reading how 4 writers learned to manage negative self talk and love the skin their in on p. 121
  • Antibiotic resistant organisms (AROs). With winter around the corner, I am interested in the growing number of AROs such as E.Coli, C.Diff and MRSA.  (I’m still trying to figure out the difference!)  There’s no mention in this mag… hmmmm…

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