ARTICLE: Enjoy Thanksgiving Without Packing the Pounds

11 10 2008

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  How can we NOT know?  I go to Starbucks and the feature flavor is pumpkin spice latte.  My cousin and favorite chef advertises on Facebook that she’s making pumpkin pie from scratch and not the can.  My co-workers bringing in the bite sized chocolate bars in preparation for Halloween.   And what does this all mean?  It’s the start of festivities and food.  Lots and lots of food.  My mouth is already watering for turkey, cranberry sauce and sweet yam… followed by the pumpkin pie and vanilla ice cream.   Mmmm….

The average weight a person gains between the months of October (Thanksgiving) to December (Christmas) is 7 pounds.  How do I avoid that? 

Physique morphing expert, Herve Duchemin obviously knows my woes.  He’s written articles like “Controlling Late Night Binge Eating” and “How to Recover from an Episode of Binge-Eating“.  So when I read his article focusing on the Thanksgiving holidays, I thought what better time to remind you of the importance of still focusing on your health. 

Many times when holidays, special festivities and events come up (which can be very often!!), we either do one of two things:  not eat all day in preparation for the holiday binge or give up every inhibition and enjoy every guilty pleasure.  Well…. you DO have another option and that is, making healthy choices. 

Herve offers some practical but oftentimes, ignored eating and cooking tips for making healthy choices during the Thanksgiving season.  Here are the ones I’ll make sure to remember:

1.  Load up on meat and vegetables and keep the carbs to a minimum.  Keep your protein intake high by eating more skinless turkey pieces and vegetables.  By having a salad before the main meal, you fill yourself up with goodness first, guilty pleasure last.

2.  Drink more water.  Besides helping you stay hydrated, it can also delay your feelings of “drunkeness” as you also toast to give thanks. 

3.  Converse more, masticate less.  It’s a time to get together with family and reunite to share experiences of what’s happened in the last year.  It’s quality time wih friends and with family that you should focus on.  In other words, don’t hang out at the dinner table.

For more tips and suggestions for holding on instead of gaining more weight during the holidays, check out this article.