NEWS: Flight Attendants Fired for Being Overweight

8 01 2009

How many business companies encourage and financially support weight management control?  I work for a health care authority and although there are discounts to fitness facilities, I can gain as much weight and be as unfit as possible without punishment or risk of losing my job.  But for airline companies and their staff, specifically flight attendants, it’s a different story.

Air India dismissed 9 flight attandants for being medically unfit and too over weight to fulfill their role.  Safety and the ability to respond in emergency situations were cited as the main reason for the dismissal.  I can’t blame them.  Flight attendants can be responsibile for as many as 200 passengers which often include frail seniors, unsupervised youth and individuals with chronic diseases.   As a passenger, I would want to feel secure in knowing that in time of need, my flight attendant would be physically capable of ensuring my safety. 

Travelling for business, vacation, to see family or for work, it’s not easy to fit fitness into a busy, hectic lifestyle.  But it’s not impossible.   How do frequent flyers stay fit?

1.  Plan ahead.  Call the hotel and find out what fitness facilities are available in the hotel and surrounding area.  Tailor your workout programs and daily schedule to fit a 35 min quality session in at least 3x/wk.

2.  Bring your own travel gym kit.   There is no excuse if there are no fitness facilities nearby.  Skipping rope for cardio, resistance bands for strength and a foldable mat (or a beach sized towel) for yoga and/or stretching is all you need. 

3.  Pay attention to what you eat.    Always ensure that you have  good protein sources such as eggs, chicken, salmon, tofu and a mix of complex and fibrous carbs such as oatmeal, brown rice along with lots of vegetables in every plate you eat. 

Check out this article for more information and tips for staying fit while travelling.