BLOG: Pauline Nordin’s “Figher Diet”

22 12 2008

fighterdiet09In general, I am inclined to extremes, to ultimates, to fanatic strategies. it fascinates me, keeps me on the edge. And that´s where I love to be.   If you like feeling comfortable and not doing more than average and are happy with settling for average results, well, don´t read my rambles, I assume it will just annoy you” — Pauline @


Her ripped physique grabbed my attention when she modelled for the Muscle & Fitness HERS.


BLOG: Weight Loss, Diet & Fitness Information

25 11 2008



BLOG: The Brinkzone Blog

18 10 2008

 “My blog will be a little different to the deluge of fitness based blogs which seem to be 99% advertising and 1% content…you’ll find (Brinkzone) full of science based information rather than generic information you can find elsewhere”

Brinkzone Blog is a mix of well researched information and honest to goodness truth.

Brinkzone Blog is a mix of well researched information and honest to goodness truth.

Dubbed the No. 1 Science Based Health & Fitness Blog, I stumbled upon Will Brink’s site a few months ago doing a search for the best ab workouts for those who hate doing it.  I browsed around his two sites: & and felt that his information was straight forward, no beating around the bush talk.  With articles like “The Terrible Triad:  Why Your Workouts Suck“,  “Do Vegetarians Disgust You?” and “Exotic Cars Increase Testorone Levels” there’s a mix of well researched information,  feature writers and honest to goodness truth.  And the odd time, some great sarcastic humour (for those who know he’s even being sarcastic!!) 

My only wish is that in the future, he would include female feature writers and perspective.  His straight forward talk is what some of us need as much as it may have an “ouch!!” rating of 10/10.   His one blog on Women and Weight Training:  Debunking the Myths caught my eye because I have plenty of family and friends who refuse to lift weights on the sheer fear of bulking up. 
Myth 1: Strength training causes women to become larger and heavier.
Myth 2: Women should use different training methods than men.
Myth 3: Women should avoid high-intensity or high-load training.
C’mon females, we know all this right?  Right?  We don’t have as much testosterone as males do so some of us already know we can work out heavy and not bulk up, but, like one blog reader stated “people like to stay within specific, gender-identity comfort zones”.  When will we ever change ladies?  Subscribe to the Brinkzone blog.  Not only do you get weekly updates in your e-mail on what’s new, if you sign up now, you’ll receive 3 free e-books including one on developing the perfect abs. 

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TV SHOW: Workout

14 10 2008

Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race … I’ve watched them all but none have been exciting enough for me to schedule my life around them!  (Hey!  Pick up your jaw!).  Not until I tuned into the 2nd season of Workout.  Click on picture for the Slice TV Synopsis of the docu-series.

Workout Season 2

Workout Season 2

3 reasons why I’m addicted to this show:

1.  Ongoing Inspiration & Motivation

A self made millionaire by the age of 22, Jackie founded Sky Sport and Spa in 2002, a multi-discipline concept facility providing personal training, chiropractic care, exercise therapy and nutritional counselling all within a glass-enclosed penthouse space featuring a 360 degree view of Los Angeles. 

 Season 2 featured Jackie Warner’s relationship adventures, business challenges and her personal life paths.  Jackie has multiple relationships with various females and each show chronicles her thoughts on these experiences.  We also watched her launch a clothing line with lots of roadblocks along the way and she handled it with patience and focus.   (Although I truly felt her rage when she received a terrible looking batch of clothes from her manufacturer!!)  I also discovered that Jackie is gay, that her father committed suicide as a result of mental illness and that to ensure that she stays sane,  she falls back on her best friend for advice and on her knowledgable counsellor for guidance.

Her openness and honesty as a business owner, trainer and coach, friend and gay woman truly make her an inspiring and motivating individual to watch.   In season 3, we will apparently see Jackie launch her protein bar and shake line. 

2.  Fitness Realities

A successful, savvy and confident 40 year old Jackie Warner is an exceptional health and fitness role model.  An elite personal trainer (she charges $400/hour!) and founder of Sky Sport and Spa, Jackie demonstrates in each show the importance of life balance, gaining an awareness of the factors that impact our health and the significance of focusing on the choices we make when working out and choosing our next meal. 

In a March 2008 interview with, Jackie gives a great interview on some common but often overlooked fitness realities.  For example,  the biggest fitness myth is that you can lose weight by skipping meals.  I agree.  By doing so, you put your body in starvation mode so that at your next meal, your body will store it all as fat in preparation for the next starvation.  Do not skip meals!  Eat small nutritionally dense foods to keep you satisfied and alert.  Her piece of advise for when we cheat?

“If you cheat, realize it’s just one day and go with it.  When it happens to me, I just allow myself to eat like a pig because I know there’s something in me that wants that food.  So I just overeat to the point of where I’m so disgusted that I want to be good the next day.  So I would say don’t have a little.  Don’t just have waffles.  Have waffles, ice cream and the cookies!!”

3.  Diva Drama

Each episode demonstrates the every day life of various trainer/client relationships, trainer/trainer interaction and how Miss Jackie keeps it all together.  This all equals …. drama.  And not just soap opera drama but diva drama!  (C’mon, what do you expect, the show takes place in Beverly Hills, California!)  And if it’s one thing that adds the “watch me next week” factor… it’s drama…

  • gossip about the boss dating her…  no her!!
  • jealousy between trainers not for client attention but for Jackie’s attention!
  • new heterosexual male trainers causing a testorone boost in the studio (Jackie does not like to be tested!);
  • and Jackie takes her girlfriend home to meet mom

Juicy!  Haven’t watched it before?  Click here and/or here for an excellent write up to update you.  Jackie and her trainers return for the third season which airs every Wednesday at 6pm PT on Slice TV.


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WEBSITE: Life Organizer for the Busy Person

12 10 2008

Supermom.  Business and soccer coach dad.  High school footballathlete.  Heck, even latchkey children.  It doesn’t matter nowadays what aggregate you fall into, every one suffers a busy life.  I am a nurse educator by day, writer at night and a fitness junkie always in search for a fix.  It’s not easy to stay on the right track and so I am always open for suggestions to make life easier.  Whatever your definition of “easier” is…

When I pick up a Martha Stewart magazine and flip through the pages of beautiful flower arrangments, top of the line dining room layouts and bedroom sets, I feel even more disorganized when I go home to my small downtown apartment with minimal furniture and non-matching accessories.  Really, I just need some quick tips that help me reflect back, take account and develop an action plan to organize my life.  A busy person, I don’t have time to find ways to make time!!  But in a recent posting, Why Multitasking May Not Help You, it’s easy to see that being efficient doesn’t always mean being effective.

I came across this website by Canadian freelance writer, Usha Krishnan Sliva and it is one that I know I’ll be checking back again on a frequent basis.  Why?  There’s a “stickiness factor”.  Gadgets like the Miss Army Kit (it’s a pink Swiss army knife) make me say “Coooool, I want that”; travel tips like how to get the best deal on hotel booking will be revisited on my next trip and the trip after that; and with suggestions on how to manage career, lifestyle, finances and well-being posted weekly, you can be sure that this site will make you want to learn more.  (I’m updating my Dream Board this month after reading her post).  Her writing is informal, informative and most posts are under 500 words.  Quick and easy read.