BLOG: Pauline Nordin’s “Figher Diet”

22 12 2008

fighterdiet09In general, I am inclined to extremes, to ultimates, to fanatic strategies. it fascinates me, keeps me on the edge. And that´s where I love to be.   If you like feeling comfortable and not doing more than average and are happy with settling for average results, well, don´t read my rambles, I assume it will just annoy you” — Pauline @


Her ripped physique grabbed my attention when she modelled for the Muscle & Fitness HERS.


BLOG: Weight Loss, Diet & Fitness Information

25 11 2008



ARTICLE: Bottled Water Not Worth the Price or Your Health

24 10 2008

It’s no surprise.  Bottled water is now a hot topic among discussion health blogs, forums and magazines.  Are they safe for us or the environment?  According to research findings, no.  What was once a convenience fad has now turned out to be personally and environmentally bad.   

Plastic No Longer Best Option
Plastic No Longer Best Option

Myths busted:

  • “It’s convenient.” 
  • “It’s safer than tap water.”
  • “There’s no price limit to my family’s health.”

In a testing conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), 10 US brands of bottled water contained an average of 7 chemical pollutants including:  caffeine, pharmaceuticals, carcinogens, and industrial solvents.  Co-author of the study, Jane Houlihan stated, ” In some cases, it appears bottled water is no less polluted than tap water and at 1,900 times the cost, consumers should expect better.”

In Canada, the responsibility lies on all levels of government.  Surprising thing is that Canada’s Water Quality Guidelines are not enforced by law like it is in the United States.  So naturally, there is much concern about  whether tap water is truly safer than bottled.  Stories such as the Walkerton, ON E. Coli scare and the parasite cryptosporidiosis outbreak in North Battlefield, SK can make anyone fearful of opening up the tap to fill our glass.  A guide to test your own water quality at home can be found here.

Three things you can do now:

1.  Stop buying plastic water bottles.  Congratulations in taking the step realizing that water is vital to our health and body function.  Instead of using plastic water bottles, get a stainless steel like Klean Kanteen and fill it up with Brita filtered tap water. 

2.  Learn about your local water supply system.  By contacting your local Environmental Health Inspector, you will likely learn that your tap water is safe for drinking.   Canada holds roughly 20% of the world’s known fresh water supplies yet I’m sure you know friends who buy spring water from Fiji, France and Sweden!  Why?

3.  Maximize your use of water.  I’m guilty.  I enjoy my long showers, dishwasher and do laundry 3x/wk.  Canada’s per capita usage of water is higher than every other country except the US.  It’s time to turn down the tap and take action with others to reduce our use.  Any other suggestions or tips?


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BLOG: The Brinkzone Blog

18 10 2008

 “My blog will be a little different to the deluge of fitness based blogs which seem to be 99% advertising and 1% content…you’ll find (Brinkzone) full of science based information rather than generic information you can find elsewhere”

Brinkzone Blog is a mix of well researched information and honest to goodness truth.

Brinkzone Blog is a mix of well researched information and honest to goodness truth.

Dubbed the No. 1 Science Based Health & Fitness Blog, I stumbled upon Will Brink’s site a few months ago doing a search for the best ab workouts for those who hate doing it.  I browsed around his two sites: & and felt that his information was straight forward, no beating around the bush talk.  With articles like “The Terrible Triad:  Why Your Workouts Suck“,  “Do Vegetarians Disgust You?” and “Exotic Cars Increase Testorone Levels” there’s a mix of well researched information,  feature writers and honest to goodness truth.  And the odd time, some great sarcastic humour (for those who know he’s even being sarcastic!!) 

My only wish is that in the future, he would include female feature writers and perspective.  His straight forward talk is what some of us need as much as it may have an “ouch!!” rating of 10/10.   His one blog on Women and Weight Training:  Debunking the Myths caught my eye because I have plenty of family and friends who refuse to lift weights on the sheer fear of bulking up. 
Myth 1: Strength training causes women to become larger and heavier.
Myth 2: Women should use different training methods than men.
Myth 3: Women should avoid high-intensity or high-load training.
C’mon females, we know all this right?  Right?  We don’t have as much testosterone as males do so some of us already know we can work out heavy and not bulk up, but, like one blog reader stated “people like to stay within specific, gender-identity comfort zones”.  When will we ever change ladies?  Subscribe to the Brinkzone blog.  Not only do you get weekly updates in your e-mail on what’s new, if you sign up now, you’ll receive 3 free e-books including one on developing the perfect abs. 

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WEBSITE: Life Organizer for the Busy Person

12 10 2008

Supermom.  Business and soccer coach dad.  High school footballathlete.  Heck, even latchkey children.  It doesn’t matter nowadays what aggregate you fall into, every one suffers a busy life.  I am a nurse educator by day, writer at night and a fitness junkie always in search for a fix.  It’s not easy to stay on the right track and so I am always open for suggestions to make life easier.  Whatever your definition of “easier” is…

When I pick up a Martha Stewart magazine and flip through the pages of beautiful flower arrangments, top of the line dining room layouts and bedroom sets, I feel even more disorganized when I go home to my small downtown apartment with minimal furniture and non-matching accessories.  Really, I just need some quick tips that help me reflect back, take account and develop an action plan to organize my life.  A busy person, I don’t have time to find ways to make time!!  But in a recent posting, Why Multitasking May Not Help You, it’s easy to see that being efficient doesn’t always mean being effective.

I came across this website by Canadian freelance writer, Usha Krishnan Sliva and it is one that I know I’ll be checking back again on a frequent basis.  Why?  There’s a “stickiness factor”.  Gadgets like the Miss Army Kit (it’s a pink Swiss army knife) make me say “Coooool, I want that”; travel tips like how to get the best deal on hotel booking will be revisited on my next trip and the trip after that; and with suggestions on how to manage career, lifestyle, finances and well-being posted weekly, you can be sure that this site will make you want to learn more.  (I’m updating my Dream Board this month after reading her post).  Her writing is informal, informative and most posts are under 500 words.  Quick and easy read.