Welcome to Fitness INK, your portal to health and fitness news & views.

Everyday we are bombarded with health and fitness news and views.  When you wake up and turn on the morning news, information on the latest medical breakthroughs are featured.  When you log on to your computer, websites abound on the best, fastest and only way to lose weight, gain muscle, burn fat and get defined.  Magazines in your face as you wait in line at the grocery store present celebrity and everyday people’s success stories of weight loss, weight gain problems and how they cope with their busy lives.  Television shows like the Biggest Loser, WorkOut, X-Weighted, even Survivor and So You Think You Can Dance reality shows demonstrate individual fitness and health in some way shape or form that make us reflect on what we do in our own or our family’s lives.  I know, I live in the same world as you do!

You want to know what’s new in fitness and health, but you don’t have the time to fish around a sea of information clutter. There are many excellent blogs, websites, magazines, advertisements, television shows and other communication media about health and fitness and I’m here to do the fishing.  I enjoy it.  I even like taking the information apart and finding other angles to do more research on.  And as I look, I ask the same questions you do:

  • Is this interesting to me?
  • Is this hype or something that I should be paying attention to?
  • How do I know if this source is true?
  • What else do I need to know to make a decision about my health and fitness habits?
  • Where can I find more information?
  • I need to stay motivated, help!!

This is an information portal.  Your one stop tool to stay aware of and take action on your health and fitness journey.  I’ve written on about my own health and fitness journeys on MSN Spaces but this one is no longer current.  I now resort to calling myself a fitness junkie and log as often as possible my current path on www.fitnessjunkie.wordpress.com

I am a Personal Lifestyle Consultant for Higher Level Fitness.  A background in community health nursing, case management, research and education, I have a passion for communicating the importance of health and fitness to individuals, families and communities.  A reader wanna-be full time freelance writer, I’m always on the search for health, fitness, mind/body/balance information to blog about.  And of course, the odd drama/gossip/celebrity update if it relates to health and fitness news (I can’t help it)  🙂

My best friend, personal trainer and owner of Higher Level Fitness, Coach V, will also be featured here weekly for his insights on helping you Learn, Grow & Transform your life and turn it into a Higher Level Lifestyle.

Magazines, articles, websites, blogs, books, television shows, even advertisements will be featured here.  One, as a portal for you to gain access to a wealth of information that surrounds us.  Two, as a medium to have readers share their wealth of knowledge with others so that we all gain.

Do share your thoughts in the form of comments.  I pay close attention to the ideas expressed and like all bloggers, am encouraged to pay more attention to my readers, you.  Thank you for stopping by and welcome.

Be aware.  Stay informed.  Take action.


2 responses

20 02 2009


My name is Janna Baker and I launched a new workout and nutrition blog last month at http://personaltrainerz.com

I recently visited you’re Fitness INK blog and thought that we should trade links on our blog rolls. Could you please check out my blog, and list it on your blog roll or your link list when you have the chance.

I’m making a blog post daily and also finding other bloggers and personal trainers to contribute blog posts and articles. My goal is to build PersonalTrainerz.com into one of the best exercise blogs.

Thanks! Janna Baker

13 08 2010

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