PRODUCT: Twitter

11 01 2009

What is it? 
There’s lots of information out there about it.  Here is Twitter on Wikipedia.

Who is it for?
Connect your content, your projects and your life to the world with Twitter.  A “social networking, micro-blogging site that helps people and businesses communicate. It’s a way to form relationships and stay connected”, states Chris Griffith, a local blogger and promoter of Twitter.

When to use it?
This can vary depending on the reason you want to stay connected with others.  In 140 characters or less, you can send your thoughts, observations and everyday experiences to those you follow and those who are following you.  All you need is an internet connection and/or a phone.  Here is a great article on why you may not be followed on Twitter. 

David Meerman Scott, author of the “New Rules of Marketing & PR” promotes twitter as a valuable personal branding tool.  If you are promoting your services or business products, your Twitter page has to reflect you.  That means that time should be put into making the page easy to navigate, easy to figure out who you are and why you are there and easy to contact you.  The Bio is an important component of your personal branding.  Be descriptive and specific. 

What lured me in?  In an attempt to learn more about social networking, many businesses, independent consultants and entrepreneurs promote its use and after reading a little over 20 twitter pages yesterday, I found many success stories that have convinced me to give it a shot.  As of yesterday, I’m giving it a 30 day trial.  I believe that you should only set up accounts if there is a set purpose and a means to evaluate it. 

You can find me on twitter under the user name mayblaizink to monitor my journey and search for information on social networking, fitness, health and freelance writing.  You can also find Coach V from Higher Level Fitness to monitor his journey towards the growth of his personal training and lifestyle management studio.  You will also be provided with great tips on keeping healthy and fit for 2009.




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