NEWS: Women’s Hands Home to More Types of Germs

5 11 2008

There is a common mneumonic used to guide writers in developing article headlines known as AIDA = Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.  When headlines, write ups and articles are written, it must contain these elements in order for the reader to want to continue reading.  So in a way, because of the title, this news headliner grabbed my attention and interest and being a female, I wanted (desired) to learn more and find out what action I can take to minimize the germs that I am prone to have.  Yet as I read on, many of the “germs” mentioned were due to everyday things that women were likely more exposed to than males… 

“Women had more germ diversity than men, possibly due to different acidities on the hands, different hand-washing regimens, differential production of sweat, variable hormones and how often moisturizers or cosmetics are applied.”

In other words… nothing new, but just the obvious proven with current research.


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