INTERVIEW: Former Olympic Medalist Marion Jones

30 10 2008

If you were known as the world’s fastest woman who broke record time in the Olympics, what would you do if you were interrogated and questioned on your use of performance enhancing drugs by the federal authority? 

As fitness enthusiasts, it’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting to look our best.  We want quick fixes.  We want immediate results.  But oftentimes, what we sometimes take and believe to be natural can very well be … well… not.  This is Marion Jones story and first interview post prison.  Her decision was to inform federal authority that she did NOT take anything, for fear of what she would lose (family’s trust, medals, pride).  Five years later, she admitted to taking “the clear” even though she didn’t know fully how it impacted her performance.  She was sentenced to 6 months in prison and released this September.  In this exclusive interview on Oprah, she reveals her experiences, journeys, wishes and hopes.  She also shares a  tearful letter to her son. 



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